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Are you our ultimate catch of the day? 😏

Dive into an adventurous

and flavorful world because at Gauchos,

we are on the hunt for passionate, talented, and ambitious team members ready to elevate our service, kitchen,

and management to new heights! 🙌🏼


🍴 Imagine working in a dynamic environment where

the aroma of sizzling meat and delicious spices fills the air. Every table is an opportunity to captivate guests with our mouth-watering Argentine dishes.

If you are a true foodie craving

to create unforgettable culinary experiences,

this is your moment to shine at Gauchos!


🕺 In the service team, your smile

and charm will enchant our guests.

You are the guide leading them on a gastronomic journey, exceeding their expectations.

Are you ready to delight their taste buds

with your enthusiasm and dedication?


👨‍🍳 If your passion lies in the kitchen,

this is your chance to be the star behind our juicy steaks

and flavorful side dishes.

Unleash your culinary creativity and blend

our Argentine traditions with your unique twist.

Your masterpieces will amaze our guests

and win their hearts!


💼 For those who have always taken the lead,

our management team offers the perfect arena to shine.

You are the captain of the ship, inspiring and guiding our crew to successful adventures.

With your organizational talent and leadership skills,

you will make a mark on the culinary world at Gauchos!


🚀 So, what are you waiting for?

Apply now and become part of our passionate

and energetic team!

Fill out the 'JOIN OUR TEAM!' form

to start your journey towards a future full of flavor and fun.

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