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Would you like to cut a steak at home or enjoy the best ribs in town?

Check the menu

You can order all dishes from the menu. Keep an eye on! If you have to drive home quickly because the ice cream on your dessert is melting… we are not responsible for a speeding fine.

The rules of the game are as follows:

  • It is only possible to place an order by telephone. Gauchos does not deliver to your home.

  • We recommend not ordering if the distance to your home is more than 10 minutes from the restaurant. Because we simply cannot guarantee the quality of the dishes. The fries will no longer be crispy and the steak will not have the desired result as it comes straight from the grill.

  • Order in time and preferably before 5 p.m., take into account at least half an hour of preparation time. The exact preparation time is determined by the employee and communicated when placing the order.

  • Gauchos offers this extra service, provided the crowds allow it. We simply have a limited capacity on the grill. It may happen that when you call, there is no option to immediately prepare food for the @home service. We will then determine at what time it will be possible again to allow you to enjoy the best quality ribs and steaks at home!

You can pick up at all Gauchos restaurants. Order by telephone via:

Amsterdam Beethoven

Amsterdam Center

Amsterdam Spuistraat


The Hague



Rotterdam Aan de Maas

Rotterdam Aan de Plas

Rotterdam center

Utrecht Aan de Gracht

Beethovenstraat 55 1077 HN Amsterdam

Reguliersbreestraat 18 1017 CN Amsterdam

Spuistraat 3E, 1012 SP Amsterdam

Grote Markt 33 4811 XP Breda

Oude Molstraat 46 2513 BB The Hague Stationsplein 7 5611 AB Eindhoven Vrijthof 52 6211 LE Maastricht Holland-Americakade 900 3072 MC Rotterdam

Weissenbruchlaan 149 3054 LM Rotterdam Aert van Nesstraat 99 3012 CA Rotterdam Oude Gracht 150 a/d Werf 3511 AZ Utrecht

020- 679 91 33

020- 626 35 00

020- 625 72 72

076- 522 45 05

070- 360 31 54

040- 245 02 98

043- 325 50 22

010- 484 55 21

010- 461 38 55

010- 412 97 97

030- 232 83 72

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